Transport and bus information

An overview and information on the event.

Buses will run from Salamanca to Blundstone Arena at the times below for people who have purchased bus tickets with their entry.  If you haven’t purchased a bus ticket, you can do at race number pick up for $5 per trip.

10km Participants

The following approximate schedule applies for B&E 10km participants.  Please note, buses will depart as they fill up, so arrive early;

  • 6:00am

  • 6:05am

  • 6:10am

  • 6:20am

  • 6:30am

  • 6:40am

5km Participants

Buses will also run for the Jaguar 5k and Menzies 5k Walk participants from Salamanca to Montagu Bay Primary School at the following times;

  • 7:10am

  • 7:20am

  • 7:30am

  • 7:40am

Post Event

Then after your event from Salamanca back to both Montagu Bay Primary School and Blundstone Arena. 

The schedule will be;

  • 9:15am

  • 9:30am

  • 9:45am

  • 10:00am

  • 10:15am

  • 10:30am


Remember to purchase bus tickets when you enter online or at the registration desk at The Running Edge during bib collection times for $5. If you choose on the day, you can purchase one for $10

More Information

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or contact us with any further queries.

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