Here we answer some of the common questions you may have about the HRTB.
Are prams allowed?

Yes, we just ask that you start towards the rear of the field to avoid collision with other participants.

Is there an Event Booklet?

There will be. Be sure to check back closer to the event for the Event Booklet with all the information you'll need for event day.

What's the Menzies 5k Walk?

This was new in 2017 and is on again in 2018. Using the same course as the Hobart Jaguar 5k Run so everyone gets to experience the bridge!

Better yet, a donation from each entry will go towards the Menzies Institution for Medical Research.

Can I walk the event?

Absolutely, we've started a new 'walking only' event in 2017 - the 'Menzies 5km Walk' and you get to experience crossing the Tasman Bridge. The 10km event is for those who are running, or running/walking.

You can also walk the 1km event.

When do entries close?

Online registrations close midnight Friday 16th February.

If entries are still available after that (depending on numbers), you can enter at The Running Edge on Saturday 17th during race number pick up times.

Limited places will be available on race day, at the relevant event start lines.

What do I get for my entry fee?

Participants in all events get the following;

  • Road closures, traffic management, access to first aid, course entertainment
  • Race bib
  • Finishers medal
  • Finishers E-Certificate
  • Competitor gift - in 2018 it is complementary photos from
  • A bottle of Hartz water
  • Gatorade and fresh fruit at the finish
  • Opportunity to win great prizes
  • Electronic timing (except the 1km)
How much does it cost to enter?
What is your age policy for entry?

There is no upper or lower age limit for the 1km event

The youngest age for the Hobart Jaguar 5k is 7years old on the day of the event and for the Bank of us 10k participants need to be at least 10 years of age.

For all children under the age of 18, their guardian must enter them and acknowledge they have read and agree with the event waiver before entry will be accepted.

How do I receive my bib and timing chip?

All participants need to collect their race pack from The Running Edge at 73 Murray Street Hobart, at the following times;

Wednesday 14th February: 10am - 5:30pm

Thursday 15th February: 10am - 5:30pm

Friday 16th February: 10am - 5:30pm

Saturday 17th February: 10am - 4pm

If you can't make these times, please allow yourself an extra 20minutes on the morning of the event to collect it from the event start line.

Will there be medical support available?

Yes. Private Ambulance will have a presence on the course and a significant treatment area at the finish.

If you or another participant need first aid at any time, please advise the nearest course official/volunteer.

In the event of an emergency, please call '000'.

Is the course accurately measured

Yes. We had the course measured to IAAF/AIMS standards, using the accredited Jones counter method.

Your personal GPS device my measure a different reading, however the method we used is the same used for official measurement around the world.

The event is also run under IAAF rules.

Can I participate with an iPod or other music device?

We discourage the use of personal music devices, for your own safety - the ability to hear directions of police, traffic management and marshalls on course.

For your entertainment, we've arranged a number of DJ's along the course. Plus our volunteers are likely to yell out awesome things to you along the way and you're going to want to hear them.

Are there photographers on course?

Yes there are. The team from will be at the event taking shots of all our runners and walkers. After the event you will receive an email to advise how you can view and purchase any photos taken of yourself on the day.

What time do events start

Some exciting changes are coming for the 2018 Bank of us Run The Bridge, which will slightly change the days timetable. At the moment, the LIKELY timetable will be;

Bank of us 10km start - 7:30am
Hobart Jaguar 5km run - 8:15am
Menzies 5km Walk - 8:15am
Betta Milk 1km - 9:50am
Presentations - 9:30am

Is there a personal belongings vehicle?

A vehicle will run from both the 5k and 10k start precincts to the finish line.

Simply use the perforated strip on the bottom of your race number to attach to your bag. Then show your race number to the officials at the finish line in order to receive your belongings. The vehicles will return to the forecourt of PW1 after each event.

Where is the finish line?

All events finish at Princes Wharf Shed Number 1. The post event precinct is in the forecourt of PW1 on Castray Esplanade.

Where is the best place to Spectate from?

It's such a scenic course, that there are several places you can get a good view from. Just be mindful of the road closures in place and allow extra time to travel around Hobart during the event. Some good spots include;

  • Tasman Bridge - you can walk along the usual footpath and see runners and walkers in their thousand cross over
  • Hobart Waterfront - as the participants make their way along Evans and Hunter street, through Constitution Dock, it makes for a great sight
  • Finishline at PW1 - here you will see participants go past and then again finish as they make the turn back. We recommend lining the Deck of PW1 and really adding to the event atmosphere as you see Australia's best distance runners, along with your friends and family
Where are the aid stations?

Two aid stations will be located on the 10km course and 1 for the 5km. Both will provide Hartz water, portaloos and friendly volunteers. Locations are;

  1. Kangaroo Bay - On the new boulevard, just next to Kangaroo Bay Oval. This is approximately 3km into the 10km event
  2. Tasman Highway - Just on the city side of Government House. This is approximately 7km into the 10km event or 2.5km into the 5km event.

At the finish, everyone will receive a Hartz bottle of water and there is also Gatorade available.

How will my time be recorded?

For 2018 we will be using the 'MyLaps' system, which is regarded as one of the best timing systems in the world. When you receive your bib you will receive a timing chip that is attached to the back of your bib.  This chip is disposable, so you don't need to return it at the finish.

In 2018 we will be offering a 'gun' and 'net' time. This means that there will be timing mats at the start and finish, so you will receive a time from when the gun goes, to you crossing the line, but also a time from when you physically cross the start line also.

Please note no times are provided for the 1km event, as this is all about participation and encouragement.

What constitutes a team?

A team or group is a group of friends, work colleagues, sporting teams, social groups or a group of two or more people who want to get together to run or walk the event.

You can enter your group into the team entry system where you can be in the running for some great prizes to become the biggest team in the fun run.  All you have to do is nominate a captain
to create a team online, then tell all your members the name of the team so they can select it when they register themselves.

If you have a team of 20 or more people and need assistance, please contact us via

Are there buses for transport?

Buses will run from Salamanca to Blundstone Arena and Montague Bay Primary School  for people who have purchased bus tickets with their entry.  If you haven’t purchased a bus ticket, you can do at race number pick up for $5 per trip.

Shuttles will depart approximately 45min before each event starts. A timetable will be provided closer to the event.

Then after your event from Salamanca back to both Montagu Bay Primary School and Blundstone Arena,the schedule will be advertised closer to the event.

TICKETS - Remember to purchase bus tickets when you enter online or at the registration desk at The Running Edge during bib collection times.

Your name will then be placed on a listing at the relevant bus stop, so there is no need for you to handle a physical bus pass.

If you decide on the day you want to catch the bus, please bring $10 with you to the bus stop.

Are the roads closed to traffic?

Some roads will be closed for short periods of time during the event, between 7:15am and 10:15am. Tas Police, Altus Traffic Management and course marshalls will be on hand at key points to help motorists and participants. 

More details on traffic access will be provided here closer to the event.

What is the Prizemoney?

For the Bank of us 10km event, the following prizemoney exists for both men and women;

1st - $3000

2nd -$1500

3rd - $1000

4th - $500

5th - $250

A bonus of $2000 is given to the first 'person' to cross the finish line in the 'battle of the sexes'. This makes the first person prize pool the biggest for any 10km event in Australia. The elite women's field will start 4minutes 18seconds in front of the men, which is the difference between the two course records, after the new course record was set in 2017.

The Running Edge gift vouchers are given to the top 3 placegetters in the Hobart Jaguar 5km event. Men and women receive the following;

1st - $250

2nd - $150

3rd - $100

What is the Battle of the Sexes all about?

After two exciting finishes in 2016 and 2017, this is returning again for 2018.

It sees the elite women start 4minutes and 18seconds in front of the rest of the field including the elite men. This is the difference between the men's and women's course records.

The first 'person' across the line in the 10km event will win an additional $2000, on top of the $3000 first place for each male and female across the line. With the first 'person' winning $5000, it makes the Bank of us Run The Bridge the richest 10km in Australia.